How To: Easiest Fishtail Braid Tutorial (Video)

Hey you! How was your weekend and your first day of summer? It was a rainy weekend, but the sun decided to come out Sunday, so I finally got a dip in the pool. One of my favorite summer hairstyles (for the pool, beach, or anytime) is the fishtail braid.

But no matter what tutorial I tried, I just couldn't figure the braid out. Instead, I tried a trick using the same method of when I taught myself how to braid as a little girl: I visualized the braid unraveling and then how to put it together. I came up with this method and everyone who has tried it can now fishtail braid. And now so can you. Here's how to:

  • large mirror (if doing this on yourself)
  • brush or comb
  • hair elastic

-Brush or comb hair to remove tangles. This will make it easier to braid.
-Do a side part.
-Now, take your hair to the opposite side of where you just parted it. TIP: I like braiding my hair in front since it's easier when you can see what you're doing! Even if you wouldn't wear it on the side, try it this way for practicing the braid until you get the hang of it.

-Divide your hair in half. The two sections should be equal so your braid will be even. I call them the right section and the left section.
-I consider each section to have an outside and an inside. The outside points toward the wall. The inside points toward hair (see pic above).

-Take a piece from the outside of a section of hair. You can start with either the left or right section. 
-Make sure the pieces you choose remain the same in size so the braid will be consistent and even.

-Take that piece from the outside of your section and cross it over to the inside of the opposite section.  For example, take a piece from the outside of the right section, and cross it over to the inside of the left section.

-Now, you'll repeat the same steps but with the other section of hair.
-Take a piece of hair (it should be the same size as the first piece) from the outside.

-And cross it over to the inside of the opposite section.
-Now, go back to section 1, take a piece from the outside, and cross it over to section 2.
-Take a piece from the outside of section 2, and cross it over to the inside of section 1.
-Repeat until you are ready to finish the braid.
-Secure with hair elastic and you're done!

-Tips & Tricks:
  • I suggest pulling hair taut after you complete a piece to help keep braid from falling. 
  • If you have fine hair, try using smaller pieces.
  • You don't have to wear this as a side braid, just try this method for practicing.
  • To give hair texture, try using a dry shampoo, volumizing powder, or beach waves spray on dry hair before braiding. Don't use this on the roots, but instead, put product on fingers and rub through hair.
  • For a bigger braid, try a volumizing shampoo or beach waves spray (the latter makes me hair frizzy and gives me bigger hair). Also, once hair is braided, gently pull at pieces to make the braid a little bit bigger and more undone.
  • For those sprigs of hair (if you're like me and have layers), spray a little dry shampoo on a bobby pin. Insert bumpy side down pushing the sprig back into place. See video for demo.
  • Or you can create an undone braid look by embracing those sprigs of hair. Use beach waves spray, dry shampoo, or texturizing paste to define those pieces.
  • I like allowing a dampened fishtail braid to dry. You can spray it with water after you braid it. Once dry, let the braid out for no heat waves.
-Still need help? I am arranging Google Hangouts for one-on-one tutorials (more details in video). So before you say you can't do it (yes you can!) check out my video tutorial below of the fishtail braid:

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