Coffee & Chit Chat: June

Um, is it really the last day of June? WHERE DID THE MONTH GO? Seriously though, how was your June? I'm sharing a recap of my June in my monthly Coffee & Chit Chat video. Check it out after the jump:

You'll learn the answers to these burning questions:
  • What's in the mug?
  • What's the MUG of the MONTH?
  • Highs/lows of the month?
  • I LET GO of some people in my life...who are they and why?
  • What were my fave posts of the month?
  • What are products I've been loving lately?
  • Which nail polish did I love? And dislike?
  • What does Elle sound like?
  • Just how awkward can she be? ;)
This video is up late here since my computer has crashed twice editing this video, so it's not quite as fancy as I intended it to be. But seriously, hope you had a good month. Tell me things that have been going on with you.

Making : coffee
Cooking : nothing
Drinking : water
Reading: about 6 different books
Wanting: more sleep
Looking: for a hair clip
Wasting: time
Wishing: I had more time for emails
Enjoying: the quietness of the morning
Waiting: for Charlie to wake up
Liking: that it's a brand new week
Wondering: where is that hair clip, seriously
Loving:  Blogging, forever and always
Hoping: y'all will watch my video
Needing: to get comments done before work
Smelling: fabric softener
Wearing: Sleep Clothes
Following: send me your blog or youtube!
Noticing: my roots. ugh.
Thinking: about my hair appt in 2 weeks
Feeling: tired, I didn't sleep well because I knew my post wasn't up and that I had fix it this morning
Opening: my eyes
Giggling: at myself 

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