This or That: Shiseido Facial Cotton Vs. Cotton Clouds

This week's This or That is not makeup, but is totally a beauty product. How do you take off your eye makeup? Do you ever use cotton pads? I do and prefer them to cotton balls, and one day I randomly splurged on Shiseido Facial Cotton. I shared them on the blog here, and several of you suggested that I try the inexpensive Cotton Clouds. I immediately got them, and have been using both since. So let's get into it:

top: Cotton Clouds, bottom: Shisedo
I love using cotton squares to remove makeup or nail polish, or to apply products. I've tried a lot of cotton pads over the years, and these are the two softest brands I've come across and they hold up very well.

Shiseido Facial Cotton:

  • $9.50
  • can be purchased online and in stores like Sephora or Nordstrom 
  • 165 squares
  • white
  • removes products and applies products
  • can be separated to double the use
  • very soft
  • broke down with facial oils 
  • larger but not a thick
Cotton Clouds
  • $3.99 (price varies)
  • I've only found it online
  • 200 or 220 pads
  • white or rainbow
  • removes and applies products
  • can be separated to double the use
  • soft
  • broke down with facial oils
  • thicker, but smaller

This or That: 
As you can see above, the Cotton Clouds are thicker, but a little smaller. This didn't make a difference to me in terms of use. I found the Shiseido to be softer, as did everyone else I tested them on. Both seemed to work the same, but I preferred the Shiseido. While I enjoyed and would recommend them both, I would repurchase the Cotton Clouds since they are cheaper.

Have you tried this? Which one do you like?


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