Spring Empties and Fails

Y'all, I need a hug. This has been one of those days. I leave for the beach this week (yay) but have a ton of blog work to do before I leave (boo) and I currently have the Nastiest Cold Thing with 103 fever (double, no, triple boo). Of all the dang days to get sick! And why didn't I do guest posts this year? Fail.

One of my tasks included editing a video to accompany this post. After trying many times, the video file is corrupt, so I'm admitting defeat (blessing in disguise?). But I still wanted to do this post.

Another task of mine? Throw out the trash! Yes! I've been saving my used beauty products to share with you. I do these every season. I admit, I forget and use up more than seen here, but here are my empties and fails:


  • Ulta Nail Polish Remover Pads
    • these worked great and would repurchase
  • Nail Art remover pads from Walgreens
    • only $1, they worked, but wouldn't repurchase
  • Gnarly Whale body scrub
    • I won this and it smelled like raisin bread. Would purchase.
  • Level shower discs
  • Ricola cough drops
    • I can't remember if I purchased these or if they were free from Klout. Regardless, I'd repurchase.
  • Clean & Clear Steam
    • This product was discontinued a few years ago, and this was my last one. I *wish* I could repurchase. RIP. ;) 
  • Nano Blur
    • Total fail for me, and y'all know I tried it so many ways. This is supposed to blur fine lines, pores, etc, and just didn't work for me. Wouldn't repurchase.
  • Freeman Facial Masks
    • Peeling Pumpkin: Set my dang face on fire, and a normal person would wash it off immediately. Not me. It worked, but wouldn't purchase again.
    • Facial Sleeping Mask: It never really soaked in, so wouldn't repurchase.
    • Coffee Energizing Mask: A paper mask that I loved. Repurchase!
    • Golden Grain Mask: Total fail. It was gel with gold flecks in it. No.
  • Montagne Jennesse Creamy Coconut t Mask: Soaked right in and worked. Repurchase!!
  • Olay Facial Wash
    • Loved this and would repurchase
  • hyaluranic acid
    • I bought this ebcayse I make my own beauty products, so I have repurchased, but not this brand
  • Sunsilk
    • My fave HG hair product. Sadly discontinued and sadly (crazily) I am down to 9 bottles.
  • Ever Deep Facial Wash
    • I've got a review coming up for this, but it's really good. PR sample
  • ELF primer
    • Broke me out, wouldn't purchase
  • Almay makeup remover pads
    • They worked and would repurchase
  • Opti-Free contact solution
    • Love and use it daily
  • Tarte lip stain
    • Loved the stain and the gloss. Not sure if this still exisits, but would repurhcase
  • Inline brown liquid liner
    • Didn't like thus verson, but I do like the black. WOuldn't repurchase.
  • Suave Almond Cookie bath wash
    • Second bottle of this. I just noticed this post is full of body washes. I'm clean, y'all!
  • Vaseline Spray & Go
    • This was okay, but there are others I like better. I think this was from Influenster.
  • Goody's headache relief
    • An essential for my migraines. Have bought many of these many times over.
  • Spa Sydell Flo Body Wash
    • This is an Atlanta spa chain. They sent this to me and I LOVE it. Smells amazing.
  • Seba Med Dry Skin Body Wash
    • This was sent to me and was my go-to during the winter. Dry, sensitive skin will love this.
  • Boscia BB Cream
    • Didn't like this. Glittery!
  • Target baby wipes
    • I use these daily and have bought them amny times to remove makeup from hands.
  • Rimmel Waterproof Liner
    • This was good, but it came apart. I need to buy another one.
  • Blistex Lip Balm
    • It was okay. I'm a Softlips girl though!
What products have you used up and which are fails?

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