Rants. Raves, & UV Damage to Eyes

Hey you! How was your weekend? Mine was short and busy. I want a redo! 
I haven't given a life update in a few weeks, so I knew it was time for one. The theme this week is "accomplishment" as I've been tackling my To-Do list! See what else has been going on:

  • The past couple of weeks haven't been great, but I know I'm so lucky compared to others, so I feel silly mentioning the bad. Stomach ulcers--no fun, but I'm finally better.
  • Lots of money has been spent last/this month, thanks to doctor bills, car stuff, and other unexpected expenses. This month is my big beach trip, so I was hoping to spend my daved money on that, but no. Isn't life a funny thing?

  • I finally saw Frozen! I've been knocking out movies in my Netflix queue over the past month, like Wolf of Wall Street (way too long), Philomena, Celeste & Jesse Forever, Don Jon, The Punk Singer, and more that I can't remember. I kinda feel a sense of accomplishment!
  • I am great at doing laundry, but awful at putting away my clothes in the closet. It takes a day or two, but I made myself do it right then. Hopefully this habit will stick.
  • Lots of shopping for clothes for the beach (and taking stuff back). You gotta look cute at night when you go out or are out for dinner, right?
  • Turning down sponsored posts--this kinda hurts since I could use the extra money, but I don't want to post about random things on here that don't fit, just to make money. I made the mistake of adding it all up if I had chosen those campaigns, but I just don't feel comfortable sharing a new ceiling fan and asking you to click links on it, just to make a buck.
  • Getting off of work early last week--I love my job, but yay for getting home earlier.
  • Surprise mug in the mail from sweet LaNae--thank you!! It made me so happy.

  • My car hit 100,000 miles and then the air went out, but it's all good now!
  • I went on a deleting spree--only deleting those on social media that had unfollowed me. My feed is less cluttered now, yay! And if I accidentally deleted you, please let me know.
  • The purging continued, with me getting rid of tons of magazines, and my monthly makeup shakeup.
  • Mentions on Twitter from Mally Cosmetics and Covergirl made a bad week better! Also, thanks to MollieMakes for the shoutout!

Since most of you skip to the end, I wanted to put this here so everyone would notice it. Last week I was diagnosed with several eye problems, but the one I want to mention here is UV Damage. I have UV damage to my eyes, and I want to save you from getting it. I don't fit the criteria, since I always wear sunglasses, I'm not a skier/snowboarder or welder. I don't get into tanning beds. I apply sunscreen (or it's in my makeup products) and wear sunglasses and thought I was covered. But I wasn't. I don't own any fancy pairs of sunnies. They're all cheap ones since I am prone to losing them or damaging them. I ended up damaging my eyes instead.  Now, I'm not saying all cheap sunglasses are bad. I urge you to check your sunglasses before buying a new pair to make sure they are labeled for UV protection, regardless of what price point/design you choose. I hope this saves more eyes!


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