May Monthly Chit Chat Vlog!

Still sick y'all and STILL behind on everything. I plan on spending my weekend getting caught up. Thanks again for your patience. May is almost ovah! And that means it's time for another Chit Chat video! I love filming these for y'all. Enjoy!

  • Mug (and Drink) of the Month (thanks LaNae)
  • Beach Trip
  • Highs/low of May
  • Post of the Month
  • Love It or Leave It
  • Mystery Special Guest

In the video you'll see Charlie sporting a collar and bow tie from Doesn't he look adorable? And he's rockin' his new summer 'do:

More pics, you say? Well, if you insist...

I chose the "Blake" collar and bow tie since he's a UGA fan like his Mama. Go Dawgs!

Yes, I am bribing him to sit still. He was in a wild mood!

So I really hope you watch the video! You can always subscribe if you like. 

More exciting reminders:

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