2014 Resolutions Update!

I used to have a monthly resolution, something I did for several years, and I even shared a couple of those years on the blog. And then last year I switched to weekly resolutions. It was tough! This year, I found this online and decided to give this a go. Let's see my results so far:

Bad Habit: Diet Coke
Status: Fail. I always do well until the summer

New Skill: Improve my photography
Status: Every class I tried was for dslr cameras, so I need to find a basics course for my good old point-and-shoot

Person I'd Like to Be Like: Anyone who doesn't care what others think of her
Status: I've made great progress within the past year with self-esteem issues. I still have more work to do!

Good Deed: Inspired by Kerry, I want to do RAKs.
Status: I bought a stranger's coffee and gave someone change. Not exactly world-changing, hehe.

Place: Disneyworld (but I've been there before!)
Staus: DONE

Book: I didn't have a specific one
Status: I've read several, which is way more than last year. I don't see how you bloggers have time!

Letter: Still thinking about this one
Status:  none

New Food: Black spaghetti
Status: It's just like regular spaghetti, but made with squid ink. What else should I try?

Better At: The fact that not everyone will like you. This is a fact of life that I can't stand, and has taken me a long time to learn.
Status: Still learning.

And since it's Memorial Weekend, the unofficial start of summer, I leave you with this advice (found on The Olive Tree):

Have a great weekend!
Be safe, behave, and be well. 

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