This or That: NARS Orgasm Vs. Milani Luminoso (Peach Blushes for Spring and Summer)

Hello, my name is Elle, and I have a weakness for peach-gold blushes. And polishes. And lip glosses. But seriously, do you have a color you have a weakness for when it comes to cosmetics? I decided to take two of my favorite blushes and pit them against each other. Oh, and I threw in some more because this is my blog and I can do what I want! ;)

Whenever I hear the phrase "dupe alert!" I roll my eyes. It's overused and oftentimes just not true. I don't call something a dupe unless I own both products and can truly verify it. I don't just repost what others have said. And today I'm putting NARS Orgasm against Milani Luminoso (Minerals) to see which is better, and if Luminoso is truly a dupe. Here's this week's This or That:

NARS Orgasm:
  • One of the most popular blush shades of all time, as it is flattering on just about everyone.
  • $24 

Milani Luminoso (Minerals)
  • Often listed as a dupe for Orgasm
  • $7.99
  • Via paper swatch, these do not look alike at all.
  • NARS was difficult to swatch (not a bad thing--some blushes swatch awful, some swatch chalky but look nice on skin)
  • Luminoso was very pigmented.

Swatched on my fingers, they look a bit more similar, with Orgasm having more shimmer.

Swatched on my arm, again they look similar, but NARS isn't as pigmented. NARS is a bit pinker, but still peachy.
  • However, on my cheeks they look so similar, and are very hard to tell apart. I had to build the swatch of NARS to match Milani. The NARS had the slightest bit more of a golden sheen to it.
  • You know I tested these in a variety of ways/methods, such as: O on one cheek, L on the other, vice versa, individual shades worn full day, dry skin, created oily skin, arm swatches, hand swatches, wrist swatches, etc.
  • This or That: Both of these gave me the same amount of wear, and are so similar, that I love them both and would recommend either. It just depends on preference. I wouldn't call Luminoso a dupe, but it is so similar, that I doubt anyone could tell the difference in person.
More Options:

Best Value: Jordana Coral Sandy Beach
    • $2.49
    • Not as much shimmer, which many will prefer
    • But harder to find (try online or Kmart)

Best for Travel: The Balm Frat Boy
    • $21 and cheaper 
    • Very similar to Milani, but with less sheen.
    • Great portable packaging
      • Similar, but more pigmented/no shimmer, The Balm Instain Swiss Dot
      • Similar, but more sheen, The Balm Hot Mama

Best All-in-One: Benefit Coralista
    • $28
    • Comes with mirror and brush (I use the brush to contour with)
    • Scented
    • Creamy and warm-toned peach
  • For those who want a cream blush alternative, I also recommend NYX Cream Blush in Tickled. It looks peachy-golden but swatches a bit pinker, like NARS).
  • I also have some ELF blushes, but none of them were similar enough to compare here.

What's your favorite blush?

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