How To: Look Better in Pictures (Video)

Now, this beauty blogger actually has pores, wrinkles, discoloration, and freckles from head to toe. Shocking, right? ;) And sometimes I want to hide all of that mess in pictures/video--ain't a thing wrong with that! Ya feel me? And I don't have Photoshop or a fancy camera, so I wanted to create a tutorial that could help people like me, even if you're taking selfies with your phone. So on those days, I rely on these makeup tricks that allow me to look flawless...without magic Photoshop. Enjoy.

Note: This makeup is not for every day wear--just for pics/video. 

  1. Lighting & Camera--Not a makeup tip, but so important! Thankfully, I have a huge window in my room that helps with lighting, and my camera shoots HD.
  2. Heavier Foundation Application--For videos and non-closeups, I'll apply my foundation a little thicker. Lighting can wash you out, and a heavier application can help--the same holds for some of your regular makeup routine. You'll see this a lot on the red carpet--stars wear SO much makeup in person, but it looks great on camera. It helps to hide a lot of what I want to hide. *Avoid foundation with SPF for flash photography as it causes flashback.
  3. Highlight--This is how I get my dewy skin that so many of you ask about. Shimmer+me don't mix, but on camera it looks great. I like a concentrated powder highlighter. *Avoid if using flash. Possibly avoid if using a shimmer blush. Avoid if you don't like dewy skin.
  4. Primer On Top--So heavy foundation might not look great up close, but I've got a trick up my sleeve to help with that. To blur those imperfections, like pores, I'll dab primer on top of my foundation. Yes, on top! It really does work! I take it off immediately after filming so it won't break down my foundation or irritate it since there is so much product.
  5. Pink Blush--Again, the camera washes me out, and I've found a hot pink blush, which is a little much in person (on me) is so youthful.
  6. Lipstick Isn't Same Color as Natural Lip Color--If I wear a lipstick/gloss similar (a little lighter or darker) to my natural lip color, it won't show up. It will look like I have on none. I like a pink or coral, or darker in colder months.
  7. Skin-Enhancing Lotion--If a lot of skin is going to be showing (I use these on my arms and legs) something to give a slight glow to the skin can look great on camera. Jergens BB Body is very subtle. For a bronzing lotion, I like Kismet. And for an organic (it's pricey) option, I like Prtty Peaushun. *Avoid if using flash.
  • This makeup will look different in person than on camera, and I recommend these tips only for pics/video.
  • Some products mentioned have shimmer/satin or SPF in them. Please avoid or do test photos if using flash photography.
  • You don't have to do all or any of these tips, this is just what I do! :)

More tips, tricks, and product suggestions in the video below. Check it out!

Watch it here.


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