Rants, Raves, and Randoms

Hey you! How was your week? I'm sharing mine below in my Rants, Raves, and Randoms. Enjoy.


  • None :)

Raves & Randoms

  • I had two good friends come up for my friend's birthday and we had such an awesome time.
  • Did you catch the Oscars? I'm not just a movie fanatic, I love seeing the red carpet, too.
  • We've had some amazing days here and there of spring-like temps and Charlie and I have enjoyed them thoroughly.
  • New sheets! It's the little things. :)
  • I got a Keurig! I've been a devoted French press user for years, but man do I love the convenience. And all of the choices of K-Cups! 
  • Today is my Mama's birthday!
Share with me your week!

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