Rants, Raves, and Randoms

Hey you! Happy St. Pats!! Are you wearing green? Today I'm sharing my Rants, Raves, and Randoms, instead of its normal Sunday night posting. It gives you a peek into my week. Enjoy.

The weekend wasn't long enough! ;)

  • Look who followed me on Instagram! What!

  • I received a free month of Movie Pass and have been loving it! Final review coming soon. :)
  • I spent the weekend in the mountains. It was such a nice break from everything, including technology, since I was in the middle of nowhere, hehe. Charlie had a blast too.
  • I finally got a Facebook fanpage for the blog. Click here to "like" and thank you!
  • I'm a blog ambassador for Neutrogena! I'm so excited about the fun things I get to share with you!

  • My NEW BLOG DESIGN!! What do you think? I'm in LOVE with it. It's in honor of my upcoming blogiversary (next month). I've been wanting a change for so long, but never found the right designer. I spotted Melissa Rose Design on Instagram, and just knew it was right. She is awesome, crazy talented, and was so fun to work with! Some fun features:
    • I have the most popular/fave blog topics at the top
    • I FINALLY have all of my social media linked. For example, I've had a YouTube account for almost a year but never had it linked. I've also added a Facebook page, too.

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