How I Store My Makeup

Hey you! Did you have a good weekend? Did you watch the Oscars? Every year when I watch the red carpet, I head straight to my Beauty Room (aka the bathroom), and immediately start playing around with my makeup to recreate those looks. The other day on Instagram, I shared a peek into my Beauty Room:

ellesees instagram

And it has been my most-liked pic! Now, I have more makeup than some but not nearly as much as others, but since my blog is my job, I have accumulated a collection. This system works well for me, my makeup, and the space I have to work with.

Since I had so many questions about my storage, I thought I would share more info today. I chose acrylic because it is very easy to clean. I also like seeing what I have so I will be sure to use it, and so I can locate products easily. And for those who are curious, I plan on making an in-depth video of my collection soon. Everything is linked below! Enjoy.

one--I keep my lip crayons, lip glosses, and other products in these Muji 5-drawer boxes. These can be stacked and they are good for the price.

two--My single and small shadow palettes, highlighters, primers, BB & CC creams, and more are stored in my Beauty Cube. It is pricey, but amazing quality.

three--I have one drawer in my bathroom, so I use drawer organizers for lipsticks, bronzers, concealers, eyeliners, mascaras, blushes, and more.

four--This is random, but I store my false lashes in these pill containers. This is one of those delightful happy-accidents. I was traveling, didn't want to throw out my used-once lashes, and so I popped them in there out of necessity. And that's what I've done ever since. Try it!

five--I've used letter organizers in the past for my palettes, but as my collection grew, I wanted something bigger and more durable. Enter this desktop mail organizer from the Container Store. I keep my makeup sponges and Beauty Blenders in there too!

six--I store my eye and face brushes in empty candle containers--something I shared over two years ago on the blog. To keep the brushes upright, inside each container are filler beads--these are found in the floral department at craft stores.

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