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I can't wait to share with you an app for Ipad that I've been obsessed with: StyleSpotter. It's an all-new way to shop for fashion and I LOVE IT. You're going to love it, too--I'm serious. Keep reading:

What Is StyleSpotter?
  • An app that allows you to shop for fashions from all the top online stores in one place! Forget having tons of tabs open (this was totally me) for different stores--everything you need is right there.
Search the top stores in one place!

How Does It Work?
  • After downloading the free app and creating a user name, start searching for the items you like by clicking the appropriate section: clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry, or accessories.
  • You can set filters for type, color, price range, designer, store, and more!
  • Once you find what you'd like, you can click the heart to "save" it. You can create collections, too.
  • Ready to purchase? Click Compare Prices, and you'll see all the stores that carry your item. Click Shop to buy.

Check out my collections and follow me!

More Features:
  • Once you save an item, StyleSpotter will let you know if the price drops, so you never miss a sale!
  • There's also a search section at the top if you're looking for something in particular. You can see similar styles and different price ranges.
  • Before you buy an item, be sure to click Compare Prices, as you can see the best prices and coupons!
  • You can follow and see the saved items and collections for those you follow--this is especially awesome if you're in a style rut or just looking for new ideas.
  • Check out the community to see what's trending or new arrivals for even more inspiration.
  • Don't forget the app is free!
Just a few of the Trending items

So what are you waiting for? Download StyleSpotter and start shopping.

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