Chai & Chit Chat Vlog Plus Rants and Raves (Video)

Hey you! I'm doing things a bit differently today, and sharing my weekly plus monthly updates together! I'm pretty delirious as I type this. First, I finally got my taxes done! It takes twice as long since I have all the blog paperwork. Taxes should be a "rant" but since they're done, I'm adding them to the "rave" pile!

One of my dear friends flew in for the weekend to celebrate her birthday, so we were all out pretty late, and then I got up early and drove 5 hours to my hometown to celebrate my Grandmother's 75th birthday (click to see my Instagram). I got to see my adorable niece and one of my handsome nephews. And then I drove right back the next day. So a whirlwind weekend for me! I'm exhausted.

Google+! I've been driving myself crazy for a couple of months wondering why certain pictures of mine would come out really dark once I uploaded them. I tried everything. I finally figured out it was Google+. Apparently Google+ automatically "fixes" your photos and this was turning them dark. Boo. But at least now all is well. :)

Chai & Chit Chat:
I cannot believe March is ovah! Every month I make a video just for YOU sharing the highs and lows of the month. Yes! I have a Youtube channel (subscribe if you'd like) It gives you a chance to get to know me better, see my personality in action, hear my Southern accent (okay, not a highlight but still!), and most importantly, to see the World's Cutest Dog:

I mean, would you look at that cutie?? Find out what happened in March, my Drink of the Month, Blog News, Post of the Month, my favorite and not-so-favorite beauty products, and more--in fewer than 5 minutes. So without further ado, here's March in review (rhyme!):

PS: Got wrinkles? Got stretch marks? Wanna see 'em disappear? Enter to win a tube of Strivectin SD Advanced.

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