On Why I LOVE Valentine's Day

I freakin' LOVE Valentine's Day. Do you? I feel like I'm in the minority--please allow me to plead my case! And when I admit my love for the day of love, the convo is almost always like this:

"My husband and I have never celebrated Valentine's Day," my friend said, proudly smiling.

"Why not?" I asked, knowing exactly what was coming next.

(Say it with me:) "Because it's just a made up Hallmark Holiday. I read that in an email once." she remarked, with a matter-of-fact tone. Note: Don't get me started on the "validity" of those mass emails!

"Actually, that's not true," I told her, before explaining the history of Valentine's Day, which has nothing to do with buying roses or candy.

Here's the next argument I get:

"Oh, well love should be celebrated EVERY DAY, not once a year!"

So true, but first of all, who does this (sure we tell people we love them daily but that's not what I mean here), and secondly take Thanksgiving, for example. Shouldn't we celebrate Thanksgiving every day? We should be thankful every day, right? Or Mother's Day? Mothers should be celebrated every dang day, not just once a year. Insert other holidays that should be celebrated daily here.

"But it's ridiculous to spend money on roses, candy, and cards!"

So then, let's do away with presents at Christmas. They aren't the real reason for the holiday, right? But yet many of us give them. And if you're against spending money, there are always handmade gifts!

Ok, ok, I'm being a little facetious, but you get my point. I too, was against it in high school, where my friends and I joked about "Singles' Awareness Day." But I secretly was sad that I never got any of those Mylar balloons you could purchase from the Anchor Club, that were delivered in Homeroom. Every year, I waited in anticipation to hear my name. "None for Gretchen Weiners Elle Sees. Bye!"

But the day after not hearing my name called for the last time, I snapped out it, and chose to not hate the holiday. Valentine's Day, to me, isn't just about romantic love. I see it as a day to celebrate love--all types of love. Like the love for your kids, your pets (like my adorable Morkie Charlie Brown), your friends, your family, just about everyone, but especially the love for yourself. Plus, pink and red make me happy.

Forget romance. Forget candles and having the "perfect" day. It's not about that. On Valentine's Day, the day just radiates with love and positivity to me. I'm happy and smiling like usual, but there's just a little extra something about the day. I just feel it everywhere. So instead of hating Valentine's Day, let's try something different this year, and love a little instead.

But I still want a Mylar balloon. ;)

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