Easy Nail Art With Kimmie Kyees and Q-Tips Precision Tips

Happy weekend to us! Do you have anything fun planned? I'm relaxing and maybe doing some nail art--I haven't shared any here in ages. I plan on fixing that right now! A few months ago I was sent this amazing kit from Q-Tips. I'm a huge fan of theirs--I shared the 29 uses of Q-Tips here--and consider them one of my go-to beauty products. So what's in the package? Check it out:

I couldn't wait to play with all of the polishes and see how Q-Tips would be used. In addition to the polishes, Q-Tips, and other goodies, there was the nail art booklet.

Celeb nail artist Kimmie Kyees shares some awesome and easy nail art designs using Q-Tips. And they're so easy, that I did these on my first try. I'm serious! Here are 4 designs (there are at least 5 but the rest of the pictures were on my old hard drive which no longer works, sniff) with picture instructions with Q-Tips Precision Tips. Remember, you can always change the colors and make it your own!

Great for Halloween! Or maybe Catching Fire?

 A different take on red!

Futuristic silver

Zig Zag

I thought these were really fun to play around with and the designs were different from what I normally wear. While the kit was sent for consideration, this post was not sponsored.

How do you use Q-Tips Precision Tips?

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