Beauty DIYs With Valentine's Day Roses

valentine's day roses ideas

Happy Valentine's Day! I happen to love Valentine's Day, but regardless if you celebrate it or not, you'll want to read this post and save it for later. For I'm sure at some point in your life, you'll be given roses, right? Maybe you'll leave them in the vase or maybe you'll decorate the bed with the petals (just sayin')! Instead of throwing them out, let's reuse those roses! Rose are great for the skin, with plenty of benefits. I've got a few easy beauty DIYs you'll want to try using roses. Enjoy!

Rose Petal Bath
This is really more for the decoration, but place a couple of handfuls of petals into the bath. It looks pretty and adds to the ambiance.

Rose Water Toner 
2 c boiling water
1 cup rose petals (dried or fresh)
Add the water to the rose petals. Cover and allow to cool.
Keep in the fridge and use a little as a facial toner (I usually add a tbsp of Witch Hazel when I'm using it for that but it is not needed) or pour some into a bath--don't forget to add rose petals for decoration. I keep this for no longer than a month.

Rose Water Steam Facial
3 c boiling water
1 c rose petals
1 chamomile tea bag
5-10 drops essential oil (optional)
I love this for those days when I want to clear a stuffy nose or clear my skin. It works and it's one I learned from my Mom years ago.
I pour the ingredients into a bowl, put my head over the steam with a towel over my head to seal in the steam. Ten minutes is best, but I can usually make it about 5 before taking a break for water.

Rose Petal Milk Bath
3 c powdered milk (I've used all kinds for this)
1 c rose petals
Mix and pour a handful into the bath. Or more if desired.
I personally like using a food processor with dried petals and then adding the pulverized mix to the powdered milk so I can store it. Store in a jar.

Rose Bath Salts
1 c Epsom salt
1 c sea salt
1 c rose petals
10 drops essential oil (optional)
Soap colorant (optional)
Add a handful to the bath.
Feel free to use just Epsom salt, but I like to mix the salts. This makes a pretty gift.
I like using dried rose petals for this, and when giving as a gift, I'll use soap colorant (available at craft stores) in pink, red, or whatever color the roses are. Sometimes I'll add some rose essential oil or lemon or lavender. Store in a jar.

Rose Bath Oil 
1 c oil of choice (make sure it is suitable for your skin)
1 c rose petals
Mix and pour about a tablespoon into a hot bath. Exercise caution when exiting the bath. I prefer to infuse the oil and the petals by slowly heating the oil and adding the petals, allowing to be heated for 10 minutes. Store in a dark bottle.

I suggest using double the amount if using fresh petals.
No tub? No problem. Try these as treatments for your feet instead.
Avoid recipes if allergic.

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Have a great weekend! Be safe, behave, and be well. Love, Elle

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