Rants + Raves

This wasn't my best week, so allow me to vent a little below.
Next week will be better, so feel free to scroll down for better posts.

This Week I...

  • finally took down my Christmas decorations
  • found out I had comments I had no idea existed, and most were a couple of months old. Thanks for nothing, Google+!
  • got a blog shout out  from Put On Your Big Girl Lipstick and it made me happy
  • got hit in the eye with a branch despite wearing glasses. Only me. ;)
  • had mean comments but fought back
  • learned my external drive was fried. All of my blog pictures and videos, especially those for upcoming Jan-March posts are in it. I'm headed to Best Buy to see if they can recover anything.
  • cried and threw my remote over said external drive. I needed a moment, k?
  • got to work 30 minutes late because I had my start time messed up
  • painted my nails twice, no, three times.
  • bought some beauty things to cheer me up. They did.
  • had the cutest pup tap me on the face three times to wake me up. Instant smiles.
  • didn't wash my hair for 9 days. I was working that blow out until the end.
  • experienced some really cold weather--I'm talking -15 wind chill, followed by a week of rain, sleet, flooding, tornado watches, and ending with 60 degrees on Sunday.
  • learned not to talk about how cold it is because everyone feels the need to point out that 2 degrees and -15 windchill is not cold. It's usually 50 here in the winter, so yes, that is cold for me.
  • was thankful for my parents buying me a new tire!
  • had more crappy things happen, but feel I've shared enough!
  • burned through a couple of candles because I can't buy more of them unless I've burned through several. I'm trying to convince myself that this is saving me money somehow. ;)
  • am positive this week will be better! And the fact you stopped by today made it better already.
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