My Review Policy

Even before I began blogging, I noticed many beauty bloggers would love something because it was free, not disclose something was free, or try something once and call it a review. This is unfortunately still a practice today. I don't put myself in that category. I take my reviews very seriously and wanted to share with you my Review Policy and my method of reviewing products.

As a blogger, I am sent plenty of free items, sent for consideration, in hopes of a review. This is not my reason for blogging, but it certainly can be a nice perk. I also use the money I occasionally make here on the blog to purchase items for tutorials and for reviews. I do not share every product I receive on this blog. Please read on to understand more:

  • I choose to review a variety of products that best reflect the diversity of my readers. Some of these I purchase and some are pr samples.
  • Once I receive an item, all info is cataloged, and pictures are taken before I ever use it.
    • I will note that due to my external drive not being able to be recovered, I've had to rely on stock photos from the product's website for some items.
    • If someone else is testing the product, I will rely on them for photos if possible.
  • I will then proceed to use the product for at least month (sometimes the sample will run out before that time period is up). 
  • I don't care for "first impressions" of a product, as they are very rarely reliable.
  • If the pr product was awful and would benefit no one, I just don't share it. I see no sense in wasting my blog space trashing their product. 
  • If I purchased the product myself and it was awful, I usually don't dedicate a post to it unless it is a very popular item and I've had many requests to review that product specifically. Usually, I try to lump it into a haul or an empties video of other products I've purchased.
  • If the product didn't work for me but would work better on someone else, I will give it to that person to try (otherwise my blog would be only products that benefit my skin/hair and I don't think that's beneficial to my readers).
  • At this time I am not strictly an organic or cruelty-free product reviewer, although I do feature products that fit those specifics on occasion.
  • Sometimes I am given the opportunity to have sponsored posts. I don't accept the offer unless I can (or someone else I trust) try the product first. It follows the same review policy as any product I try.
  • I do not schedule the sponsored posts--dates are chosen by the companies I work with.
  • PR samples, as well as sponsored posts, are always disclosed with you. Not only is this in accordance with FTC regulations, but I believe in being transparent.
I take my blog and my reviews every seriously, as I know my readers value my opinions on a product. Beauty is a life-long passion of mine, that I have enjoyed since I was about three years old. My integrity on here is of such an importance to me and my long-time readers know that. Thank you for reading and understanding.

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