Loose, Beachy Waves for Beginners (Plus A VS Giveaway)

On Instagram, I shared my messy bedhead hair (I thought it was messy), but it was liked so much I had to share how to recreate it. This takes just minutes to do and is very easy. Since how to use curling wands is one of my most popular posts, I made a very thorough video for those who are beginners or who don't use curling wands/irons very often. Enjoy.

  • After brushing out tangles, spraying with heat protectant, and allowing it to dry, it's time to choose your curling wand/iron.
  • The smaller the wand size means the tighter the waves. If you have shorter hair, a half an inch to an inch is generally a good size, but it really depends on personal preference. Also, if you have fine hair that loses curl quickly, you might want a smaller barrel so that when the curl falls, you'll end up with loose waves.
  • I am using an inch and a half wand in this tutorial.
  • To make this look more natural, I like to vary the size of sections I use and the direction in which I wrap them around the wand. Some pieces are about a half inch and up to a little over an inch.
  • Placing the barrel behind the section of hair and wrapping it around allows you to curl away from the face. I always do this for the pieces that frame my face.

  • Only curl the middle of the hair section, leaving the roots and ends curl-free.
  • Hold the section for about 5-10 seconds around the barrel. I varied the times here, with some pieces being 5 and some pieces being 10. 
  • To make this go really fast, use larger sections and hold for 10 seconds.
  • To give some texture and have it look even messier, I'm sharing a variety of options:
    • Beach Waves Spray--best for those who want that frizzier look
    • Spray Clay--I originally shared this in my Oct Ipsy bag, but I love this product on fine hair.
    • Dry Shampoo--gives volume and definition without the crunchiness. To use, try a light spray about 12 inches away. Then scrunch into hair.
    • Volumizing Powder--gives volume and messiness. Instead of placing this on roots, tap the powder into hands, rub together, and distribute through hair.
    • Texturizing Paste or Wax--gives definition to hair and gives it that beachy look. Rub into palms, scrunch hair, and twist around small sections to define. I used Davines Defining Wax.
Loose, beachy waves

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