How To: Get Thicker Hair Instantly (Check Out Taya Products & Hair Diamond Italia)

My most-asked hair question is always about how to get thicker hair and get it instantly. And that's understandable--for many, having fuller hair brings with it a certain confidence. I've got two products I was sent that have my stamp of approval--they are awesome and really work. If you're seeking thicker, fuller hair, I urge you to try these!

Taya Beauty
Meaning "I am" in the Wayuu dialect, and symbolizing the timeless relationship between ourselves and the rainforest, TAYA products embody those unique combinations of the rainforest's botanical treasures that have been passed down from mother to daughter..... for untold generations.

Taya Beauty has several lines, but I was sent the White Amazon Clay line to try. The Amazon White Clay Collection allows you to instantly and effortlessly add fullness and plumpness to your style, creating volume, lift, dimension, and texture. Formulated with Amazon White Clay, these products encourage thicker, more abundant, luscious, plumper looking hair, and help infuse every strand with rich moisture, shine and a long lasting flexible hold that helps create natural, movable, bouncy, healthy looking styles. The whole line is derived from organic ingredients found in the Amazon rainforest. All Taya products are formulated free of sulfates, parabens, animal products, and animal testing. Let's check out the products:

Pictured: Amazon White Clay Thickening Clay Shampoo-Hairspray-Conditioner-Whipped Cream-Thickening Cream-Hair Plumper-Hair Spray (non-aerosol)-Leave-in Mist

When I was approached to try Taya, I instantly thought of my youngest sister. She has beautiful, wavy red hair, but it is very thin and fine. She also has a double crown (hair whorl or cowlick), which makes her hair look thinner. I gave her these products to try and she was so excited and so pleased with the products--it just made me so happy. The Taya products worked so well for her, I thought they could help so many of you. Here's her hair before:

 And here's her hair after using the products:

You can even see Taya in the background!

If you're interested in learning more about Taya, their entire line of products, or would like to purchase, then please click here.

Hair Diamond Italia

I also wanted to share another option to get thicker hair--hair extensions designed specifically for volume. Developed by Sonia Si Maria--her high-quality hairpieces and accessories have graced such celebrities as Alicia Keyes, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, Raven Simone, Reese Witherspoon and more. But more than anything, Sonia loves making women around the world feel beautiful. Sonia developed her HairDesigns™ Fastclip™ line of extensions to be easy-to-use by everyone, creating that celebrity look in just seconds. Her one-piece extensions clip-in and clip-out quickly with a patented silicone-coated, mini-clip system that doesn't damage the hair like glue-in or metal crimp systems. Hair Diamond offers several products, like clip in bangs, extensions for length, but I wanted the Remy 14 inch FastClip for volume. 

These are made from human hair, so they can be washed, curled, and styled just like human hair. These are great at giving that thickness needed for updos, braids, and other hairstyles. The FastClip is so easy to use--in fact, I made a video below telling you more and showing you to clip it in!

Can't see? Click here.
Sonia di Maria is a breast cancer survivor, and is extending an offer to those who are suffering the side effects of cancer with a free consultation and 50% off retail prices. If you're looking for bangs, length, or volume, give Hair Diamond Italia a try.

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