Hide Those Roots!

It's no secret that I went grey really, really early in life. And it's also no secret that my roots start showing within a couple of weeks of getting them dyed. So I rely heavily on products to help hide those roots. I've blogged about this before, but have some new products I love and swear by. Check out these different options (available in your shade too):

ColorWow Root Cover Up--This professional powder compound was formulated to adhere to hair without being sticky, oily and without looking dry. It's easy to use and is perfect for along the hairline and small areas of regrowth. I got mine at Ulta for around $35. 
  • my fave for small areas, like around the hairline

ROOT VANISH by Kazumi--A uniquely lightweight & gel-based "edibly natural" instant hair colorant that makes Root & Greys vanish, without the mess & dullness of other methods. Kazumi is a Master Colorist at the salon where Zooey frequents, so I had to try it. You click the "pen" and place the brush with colorant onto roots. Then comb it into and allow to dry. I like using a hair dryer to dry it faster.
PR sample $48 @ Kiwabi.com or Amazon.com.
  • my fave for long lasting, when I want to make sure it lasts

Focus Hair Building Fibers--A unique complex of pure keratin protein. Charged with static electricity, these microscopic fibers blend and bond securely with existing hair to produce dramatic density and volume and provide undetectable all-day coverage to thinning and balding areas. Completely natural, safe and effective, Focus Hair Fibers will not fade, even under direct sunlight. Focus is compatible with all hair loss treatments and safe to use after hair transplants. Focus fibers can withstand rain, wind and sweat, and yet can be washed out easily with any shampoo. While I do not have thinning hair, I love using this along my part for covering my roots. PR sample $24.95 available here
  • my fave for thickening thinning hair and for those natural blondes but dye their hair dark

Salon in a Bottle--Root concealer spray that covers gray roots in seconds. Easy application with a precision control airbrush nozzle for custom coverage, Nutrient-rich formula with Vitamin E, Chamomile, and Green Tea Extracts. I love how easy it is to use--just spray on the areas that need it, similar to hair spray. This is awesome if you want to cover a large area of greys super fast...and it lasts. PR sample  www.saloninabottle.com $24 per bottle
  • my fave for covering a large area quickly

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