Elle's Quick Tips: How to Stop Dry Skin

I have super dry skin that only gets worse in the winter, regardless of the excessive amount of water that I consume. Not only does my skin just look dry, but my skin hurts, aches, gets red, and worst of all, it makes me look older. ;) But seriously, if you've tried everything and your skin is still dry, try these tips that I swear by:
stop dry skin

  1. Saturate a washcloth with warm or slightly hot water.
  2. Place on the face (or areas on the face that need it) for 30 seconds.
  3. While face is still damp, apply a thick moisturizer in a thick layer. If you have none, try regular, plain Greek Yogurt. I love Cera Ve, La Roche Posay, Simple, and Neutrogena moisturizers for drugstore.  
  4. To keep the moisturizer on your skin, I use these plain paper sheet masks. But what I've used before is cut pieces of Saran Wrap (cling fillm, plastic wrap) and place them on cheeks, forehead, and chin. I'm dry all over, but place them on the areas where your skin is dry. 
  5. Leave for 20 minutes and massage into skin, gently wiping away the excess moisturizer until there is a layer that is completely absorbed into the skin. 
How do you keep your skin moisturized in colder months?

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