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I was traveling for most of last month--spending a couple of days in the hospital visiting my newborn niece as well as all of my holiday travel. One product that accompanied me throughout all it was the Jonny Bag. You're going to want one! Check it out:

I was sent the Mint Floral with Bamboo handles for review.

What Is It?
  • bag designed to help women tote toiletries and cosmetics as they travel conveniently and privately
  • The bag is made up of two parts: an inner-bag, made of clear vinyl for TSA screenings, and a stylish outer-cover that zips on top once you’re through.
Durable, clear plastic

What Is It For/What Does It Do?
  • No more showing off your personal stuff to prying eyes, and no more last-minute scrambles for a quart-sized bag
  • Doubles as a purse or cosmetic bag
  • Simply zip off the outer bag as you’re going through a checkpoint, and discreetly zip it back on once you’re through—all without putting your personal belongings on display.
  • Carry toiletries and cosmetics through airport security
  • Cover your personal belongings in your hotel room as you travel
  • Get through security at an NFL game (the Jonny Bag is compliant with the new NFL “clear bag” guidelines)
  • Protect electronics from sand and surf while at the beach
  • Makes bag searches, like at amusement parks/sporting events/concerts a breeze
  • Totes wet clothes, like swimsuits
  • Clear safety checks in and out of work (great for those working retail)
  • Bring personal items back and forth from college dorm rooms to community bathrooms
Just unzip! It's reversible, too!

How Much Is It?
  • $34 for the set, plus free shipping!
  • Choose among six chic handles, including bamboo, tortoise shell and classic gold. And take your pick of our trendy cotton covers, which are also reversible for a more versatile look. With more than 30 different handle and cover combinations to choose from, your Jonny Bag can be fully customized to reflect your individual style.
Zip the cover over the plastic bag to keep your belongings private.

My Review:
  • I love this bag and how versatile it is. Did you check out all of the uses? It not only made traveling a breeze, but I've used it as a makeup bag and purse. It's very durable and zips, which lets me rest a little easier when traveling with liquids/creams. It's reversible too!! I've even used it to tote Charlie's pup toys and food, since it was so easy to clean out! I can't wait to use it at the pool/beach this summer. I highly recommend this product! Visit for more.

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