Savannah Bee Body Washes

Today I'm sharing a quick review of Savannah Bee body washes. I've previously reviewed Savannah Bee lipglosses--check out that review here.

Product Info:
  • Bathe your skin with an everyday golden elixir! Honey is a nourishing, gentle cleanser that naturally exfoliates your skin.Savannah Bee Honey Body Wash is the perfect addition to your skin care ritual.
  • Savannah Bee Honey Body Wash is available in three fabulous scents, Wild Blackberry, Lemongrass Spearmint, and Tupelo Honey. All three of these amazing body washes contain royal jelly,propolis, and honey to soften, nourish, and repair your skin.
  • Our honey based body washes are very gentle and perfect for the entire family! Savannah Bee Honey Body Washes are formulated from 100% all natural ingredients, contain no parabens or petroleum, and are never tested on animals.
  • Please note the travel size washes come in a combo pack of three that includes one 1.7oz tube of each scent.
  • $10 each or $14 combo set
My Review:
  • I received the travel version of each body wash.
  • I was very impressed by the intense smell of each body wash.
  • However, it was--thankfully--not an over-powering scent the rest of the day.
  • The Lemongrass Spearmint was my favorite, and men would like this scent too. I didn't care for the Tupelo Honey, but that is a personal preference, scent-wise.
  • These body washes worked well.
  • I love how they're 100% natural ingredients, paraben and petroleum-free.
  • I would highly recommend these as gifts--perfect stocking stuffers--or for yourself.

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