Rants + Raves

Weekly I share a recap of the week. This time I'm sharing the past 2 weeks! Enjoy.


Personal Blogs--I believe that my blog caters to more than the beauty-obsessed, and I've worked actively on growing my readership. I've tried to sincerely befriend a number of personal blogs, but it's like pulling teeth to get them to stop by. I usually just get an email response to my visits. While appreciated, I'd love for them to stop by too. What's the secret, bloggers?

Technical Difficulties--I stayed up til midnight editing my Happy Holidays tag. It was at 99% and then crashed! It took three times! Luckily, Santa brought me an external hard drive and that has helped some.

Christmas Story-- This is my favorite Christmas movie and I was overruled this year as Elf won out to be the movie of the day. It was my first Christmas in forever that I didn't get to watch it!

Argh--Disclaimer: This was totally written with PMS-attitude last week, but in an effort to be real, I'm keeping it in. I can't stand when people can't figure things out for themselves--I'm talking problems that are easy. Take a second to think about how to solve the problem yourself. Google is an amazing thing. Your brain is too. (Ooh, I was cranky last week! Onto the Raves!)


Where'd You Go, Bernadette? Read this book in a few hours and loved it. I'm looking for new books!

Movie fests: The Great Gatsby (liked it, but it was ok), Meet The Millers (or whatever it's called...meh), Now You See Me (it was ok), and Dallas Buyer's Club (really good)

Christmas around the world, on Instagram--I absolutely LOVED Christmas Around the World projects as a kid. And as an adult, I get to see how you celebrate (or didn't) on Instagram. I loved it!

Blogging break--My original plan was to blog every day this month, but I made myself take a break, and you know what? It was fine. I still have thousands of ideas I wanna make/do/film/write, but they'll have to wait until next year. Is there something you'd like to see?

Naked 3 Palette--I got it, hooray!! I've been wearing it every day.

YOU for every time you read, comment, like, subscribe my blog and social media--Thank you!

Christmas this year was different. It didn't feel the same. It was a great Christmas, just different. Christmas Eve it was myself and the parents--all the siblings were busy. Traditionally, we'd wake up and open gifts together. This year, it was done in shifts, as different family members came by at different times. I miss everyone opening gifts at once. How is it at your house?


What are your Rants and Raves (or even Randoms) lately? Share below!

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