Rants + Raves (Plus GE Reveal Light Bulbs Giveaway)

Every Sunday I share the highs and lows of my week in a recap I call Rants + Raves. Enjoy.

  • I'm not a sports fan at all, minus college football a few months out of the year. UGA is my team. GA lost. They came back in the 4th quarter, were ahead by 1, and then a lucky catch ended that.
  • This maintenance man at my apartment in a jerk! The story is too long and boring to tell here, but he's just not nice. He hasn't bothered me and Charlie for months, as we've managed to avoid each other, but not lately. He gives me bad vibes and makes Charlie, who is such a sweetheart, bark like a maniac.
  • Drowning in email...argh, I feel like I can never get ahead.
  • A guy I had known since he was little passed away unexpectedly, and at a young age...It made me mad and sad. It makes me want to save everyone who's hurting, but I know I can't.

  • I went to my first Blogger Meet up on Thursday. I've been to several events where bloggers were there, but not one specifically for bloggers. It was great to meet the faces behind the blogs. I often feel left out since most bloggers already know each other or are style bloggers and it's hard to get into that circle. I get a little bummed hearing them making plans and knowing I'm not invited. I've followed their blogs, their social media, and now I'm waiting, hoping they might find me interesting enough to do the same!
  • Making plans for Thanksgiving--I haven't been home in months.
  • I have a huge haul coming! Lots of new beauty products to play with!
  • Fire, hot cocoa, and a snoring pup in my lap--perfect way to spend an evening
GE Reveal Giveaway:
Thinking about giving a room in your house a quick makeover? One easy way to do that is with light bulbs. It seriously makes such a HUGE difference. I'm serious! I can use my bathroom now to take blog pictures. And if the light bulbs aren't for you, consider entering for someone you love. An elderly relative would love these. GE Reveal is offering to give one lucky reader a package of light bulbs. I originally blogged about them here. I'm not getting paid to mention these--I'm just a huge fan and wanted to share the love!

Leave a comment below with a way to contact you. That's it. Giveaway ends 12-01-2013.

$100 gift card giveaway ends TOMORROW!

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