The Best Part: Choosing Charlie

On my birthday a couple of weeks ago, made three years ago that I adopted my dog, Charlie.  I thought I would share that story with you today. I hope you enjoy.

Three years ago, I made the decision to move to Atlanta, somewhere I’d always wanted to live. My friends back home would gently tease, saying that I had the best life because I lived in the big city, and had no kids or dog to worry about. I could sleep in if I wanted, I had a quiet house, and it was always clean, etc. I definitely felt content in my life, but knew something was missing.  I had a new job I loved, and despite making a couple of new friends, I was still lonely sometimes. I dreaded my first birthday in a new city and had made no plans to celebrate it.

During my day at work, I received a text from my friend Tiffany. I expected a text full of birthday sentiments, but instead was a message that would change my life forever. Inside was a picture of a little dog, with hair all in his eyes, but the sweetest smile. The text read: Meet Salem. Kim saw this dog thrown from a car on Salem Road. He looks like a Yorkie and he needs a home. Are you interested?

 This was the picture in the text.

I was admittedly not an animal person. We briefly had a pet when I was younger, but I was never raised with animals. When a pet came up to me, say, at a friend’s house, my natural instinct was to turn the other way. But something changed in me when I saw that text from Tiffany. I knew that I needed this dog. I knew he was my dog. Normally, I’m very indecisive, but sometimes you just know.

When I met him, I bent down and he came right to me.  I told him we were going home and it was like he knew what I was saying. He was very malnourished, with matted fur that had never been cut. He had stomach parasites and was half the weight he should’ve been. But I just knew this was the right decision.

A couple of days later the Morkie (Maltese-Yorkie) was named Charlie Brown, or Charlie as we all call him. In the three years since, he’s almost perfect, leaving myself and others in disbelief when I see that first picture of him. He’s brought me such happiness and finally that thing, that piece that was missing, is complete. Charlie is a therapy dog, bringing joy to everyone, even other dogs, but especially me. Charlie wakes me up with three taps on my face, and it’s one of the best parts of my day.  I’m now an animal person, who tears up at those animal commercials. I’m completely smitten with this pup. And it was the best decision ever.

Charlie Brown

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