Rants+ Raves


  • I didn't pay my car tag on time. I thought I had the whole month, so late fees it is. Lesson permanently learned.
  • I apparently had a virus on my blog for a few weeks. Thanks to everyone who emailed and contacted me to let me know! So frustrating, but completely remedied.

  • IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY FRIDAY!! Usually everyone forgets my birthday, but luckily I have Instagram to remind everyone! Haha. I am still feeling all the love from everyone. Thank you so much! You know how to make an old girl feel special.
  • It was Charlie's 3rd anniversary of being rescued! I'll be sharing the full story later this week. Love that little guy.
  • I have lived in Atlanta for a few years, but there are so many tourist places I've never visited. I decided I would do that for my birthday weekend. Did you see my Instagram pics of Atlanta?
  • A few times a year, I have this blogging crisis, where I think everyone hates the blog and that I should just throw in the towel. Am I really helping anyone? How do I prove that I'm truly knowledgeable about all things beauty and that can help if just given the chance? But the next morning, I had random emails from strangers saying this or that post helped them and that my blog is helpful. It was serendipitous. And all the confirmation I needed.
How was your weekend?? 
Share you rants and raves in the comments, if you'd like!

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