Rants+ Raves

Hey you! How was your weekend? Mine was so busy--I'm exhausted typing this and it's only 7pm! I hope you enjoy this week's Rants + Raves:


  • This week's Glee episode--for some reason, there was a narrator who announced everything that was happening, leaving me not being able to catch most of the dialogue. Belle said maybe it was for the vision impaired? It was so distracting. I just wanted to watch the ep and sob, and couldn't. This didn't seem to happen for anyone else. Oh, and the same channel is currently announcing NFL in Spanish. Hm.
  • I had a lot of friends in town this weekend, and fell off the eating well and no Diet Coke wagon. You know how some people drink or smoke socially? Me, I'm a social DC drinker. I'll be back to eating right and drinking more water tomorrow.
  • Being a slacker when it comes to blogging--this isn't like me at all!
  • UGA lost. Here's to next week!
  • It seems like all of my new followers lately on Instagram are selling wraps, skin stuff, shakeology, jewelry, their closet, whatever the latest "thing" is...I understand we're all trying to make money, but where are the real people? ;) 
  • Seeing a bunch of friends I've not seen in ages for a pre-bday celebration--so much fun. I'm so tired! 
  • Having a couple of unexpected days off--yay!
  • Having an extremely clean house--it just feels better
  • Getting my hair done--I swear that can make a bad day better.
  • Feeling completely at peace with myself and the way I look...for one day. I get so dang self-conscious posting pictures of myself, especially on Instagram, but for that one day, I wasn't. It was great!

What are your Rants+Raves of the week?

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