Rants + Raves

This week, even the whole month has flown by! Here's a recap of the week:


  • No Halloween parties for me this year, as I had to work over the weekend, to make up for taking off early for my birthday.


  • I admit I try to avoid the black hole that is YouTube, but this time of year I love watching tutorials of gory or really just impressive Halloween makeup. I don't like being scared, I just love the artistry and creativity. Little known fact: My 8th grade boyfriend's little bro didn't like me at first. I won him over by showing him how to do fake bruises and scars!
  • I was so productive this weekend and got a lot of the behind-the-scenes blog stuff done. I don't have everything on my to-do list crossed off, but I made a huge dent!
  • The weather! It may have been too chilly for some around here, but I've been pleased as peaches. Is that even a saying? Yes, it is. Anyway, I've been wearing scarves and boots and couldn't be happier!
What are YOUR Rants + Raves of the week?

PS: This week's giveaways that I'd love for you to enter:

  • Monster headphones (these are REALLY good and are valued at $150. Ends Friday)
  • $100 Visa Giftcard from ALMAY(Christmas is only 8 weeks away, so this would help when purchasing gifts! Ends 11-15)

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