Lighting Mini-Makeover With GE Reveal Light Bulbs

Whenever my friends come over, they head to one of two places: to play with my pup Charlie, or to head to my bathroom to play with my makeup. My friends will then tote the makeup out of the bathroom to the closest window. It's kinda of embarrassing. While my bathroom is spacious, the lighting in there is awful, regardless of the time of day. It makes it difficult to do my makeup/hair for myself or others. It's impossible to film my Youtube videos or take blog pics. So of course I was thrilled when contacted about a lighting mini-makeover with these new GE reveal Light Bulbs. I admit--I had my doubts. How much of an improvement could these light bulbs really make in that dark room? Keep reading for my experience:

Did you know that in the US incandescent light bulbs are being phased out, starting in 2014? Me neither--but this is per regulations of the US Energy Independence and Security Act--the old bulbs just aren't engergy efficient. This is where the GE reveal light bulbs come in. They have the same familiar shape and size of an incandescent bulb, energy efficient, and add bright, beautiful color to any space. Here are some more things I love about them:
  • Traditional light bulbs have a yellow cast, but with the GE reveal bulbs, colors are vivid, and enhanced.

So let's get on to the mini-makeover! I was sent 4 GE reveal bulbs. This is my bathroom, with the original bulbs. Note the yellow cast. This photo was taken about 7pm and is not enhanced. Super dark, right?

After replacing one bulb, I had to turn the power back on to see if there really was a difference. And you can instantly see it! Goodbye yellow, hello beautiful, bright light.

Here's the complete mini-makeover, again taken around 7pm. This photo was not enhanced. Consider me a believer!

Here's the room during the day--gorgeous, full-spectrum of colors. I can see everything so well! Thanks to GE reveal light bulbs, I can do my hair/makeup or that of friends/family with ease of mind, any time of day/night. I highly recommend these.

Video & Discounts!
Purchase GE reveal® bulbs at a discount at participating retailers through October 2013, including their groundbreaking new LED reveal® bulb (see discounts below). In addition to beautiful light, many of the reveal® bulbs also offer great cost and energy savings. The new GE reveal® LED light bulbs are the best energy-efficient light bulbs available, lasting more than a decade based on three hours of use each day while the halogen reveal® bulbs use 28% less energy than regular incandescent reveal® bulbs.

To learn more about the difference reveal® can make, watch this fun video engaging tastemakers who depend on the best lighting possible for their craft. Each expert completes a GE reveal® quick and easy makeover on camera and shares their experience. They discuss the importance of lighting and show how anyone can create a quick and easy makeover for their home or workspace. Watch the video here.

The video features the expert opinions of:
Andrea Spratt of Kucoon Designs –A trendsetting fashion designer and owner of the popular clothing company, Kucoon Designs based in Los Angeles

Solomon Monsoor of Straight Designs – An award-winning interior and lighting designer for major hospitality properties and owner of Straight Designs in Los Angeles

Pace Webb of Taste of Pace Catering – Executive Chef and owner of Taste of Pace Catering, one of the most sought-after chefs on the Los Angeles food scene

Stephanie Navarro – Up and coming make-up artist and hairstylist for films, television and commercials in Los Angeles

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Thanks, GE!

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