How To: Avoid a Breakout (Video)

Hey you! Today I'm sharing some of my favorite tips to avoid a breakout. These have worked for me over the years, and maybe they will work for you! These are great reminders and good habits to start. I'm glossing over the tips here, and skipping basic ones like more sleep/more exercise/more water/no stress, but explain the tips in the video below. Enjoy.

  • Wash Face Nightly--Makeup wipes don't count! Use makeup remover (if needed) and a cleanser specifically for your face. Get that makeup, spf, skin products, and hair products off your face!
  • New Cloth Daily--I cannot recommend this enough. Use a new facial wash cloth every day, as opposed to the same one that's saturated with water, dirt, makeup, bacteria, etc. Ew! If you're on a budget, no worries. These can be purchased inexpensively.
  • Clean/Disinfect Brushes & Sponges--I spot clean weekly and then deep clean every other week. I'm shocked how many people don't do this and then are surprised they have break outs!
  • Clean Fingers--It makes a difference.
  • Change Pillowcase Weekly & Use a Satin Pillowcase--Pillowcases are another breeding ground for bacteria. I like using a satin pillowcase for additional skin and hair benefits.
  • Disinfect Phone--You'll put that phone to your face at some point. Just make sure it's clean.
  • Discard Expired Makeup--Look on the back of your makeup for a jar with numbers in it. It will tell you how many months the makeup can be used before expiration.
  • Disinfect Makeup--Ok, I admittedly will not throw out every product once it's expired. Mascara, yes, but shadows, no. I disinfect mine by either scraping off the top layer or a small spritz of rubbing alcohol.
  • Spray Intensifier Onto Brush--A great way to intensify a shadow is to mix it with a water product (water, contact solution, Mac Fix Plus, etc.). Never spray the water product onto the shadow/bronzer/highlighter/blush! Spray it on a brush instead. Trust me.
  • Check Ingredients--My body reacts to citric acid, so I look for that before I buy it. Common skin reactors: mineral oil and silica. These could cause an immediate reaction, or perhaps a day or longer. I will breakout from a product almost always after a week of use. 
  • One New Product At a Time--This is so hard to do if you're gotten a ton of new stuff, but by introducing just one new thing, it makes it SO EASY to eliminate the product that is breaking you out. And then you can compare the ingredients.
  • Check Food Intake--Definitely common sense here, but when I'm not getting as much water or if I'm eating a lot of processed foods, I can see it in my face.
  • Over Exfoliation--If you breakout around the apples of your cheeks, this could be the reason. It's not a good idea to exfoliate daily, even if you have oily skin. This will cause the skin to over produce oil.
  • Too Harsh of Products--Apricot, crushed shells, salt, and other harsh scrubs can cause damage. Use products that aren't as harsh, like an occasional sugar scrub specifically for the face, or even better, use a product that has citrus.

Have a great weekend! Be safe, behave, and be well. Love, Elle

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