Beauty Sick Kit

Hey you. I'm still here! And still sick. Some days I think I'm getting better, and then some days it's worse than the day before. I appreciate your support and patience (especially if you've sent me an email). Today I'm feeling a little better, despite one hour of sleep. I've been using my little Beauty Sick Kit, which I shared on Instagram yesterday, and thought I'd elaborate on it today. Even when you're sick, you still have to do Things, like go to work or some event that you can't cancel. These items have been helping me feel and look better. I hope they do the same for you. Enjoy.

  • Portable Pocket Humidifier--I've written about this before here. It is one of my absolute essentials, not only when I'm sick, but when I travel. It's the size of a soda can and holds about 8 hours worth of water. It's not going to be able to humidify a whole room; just the area around you. I can use it in my car, at work, and in those dry hotel rooms. Lately, mine has been bedside and on the table next to the couch. I found mine online by doing a search--Ebay or Amazon. There's something for all price levels--just read the reviews first.
  • Moisturizer--Decongestants dry me out, making my dry skin look worse. Wearing a light-weight moisturizer not only makes me look better but I feel better too.
  • Spot Treatment--When I'm really, really sick, my body gives up on everything else in an effort to fight my sickness. TMI alert--even my period stops after two days. I usually will have a small breakout and I love this one from Clean and Clear. It makes my spots shrink or completely disappear the next day.   
  • Erase Paste--This is from Benefit, and it's pricey, but worth it since a little goes a long way. This can be used to cover up zits, since it's super thick with great staying power. But what I use it for is to hide my awful under eye circles. I use the medium shade, which is peach-based, and that is essential in helping to correct the circles. Pixi, which is found at Target, makes a great peach corrector as well. 
  • Benetint--Again, if you have to be seen in public, and you want a little color, this is another all-in-one product I love from Benefit. Dab this stain on your lips and add a lip balm on top. Dot this on your cheeks and blend with clean finger tips for instant color. It will help with the "Are you sick?" comments.
  • Eye Pads--Another product I've shared here before, but these came from my Ipsy bag, which I will post as soon as I'm back to normal. Essentially, these are cooling gel pads for under the eye. They help to reduce puffy eyes. I reuse mine. No shame.
  • Lip Balm--When I'm sick, I'm usually breathing out of my mouth a lot more than usual, and that gives me chapped lips, so I need a lip balm. I like mine extra creamy and not waxy.
  • Heat Holders--I was sent these for review, and minus the times I've left my house for work, these have been on my feet 24/7. These are the warmest thermal socks I've ever worn and are so comfy. Your feet stay warm and not sweaty. They come in a variety of colors, lengths, and sizes for men, women, and children. Order here. If you have cold feet, regardless of being sick or not, you need these.

Sick Sees, using all of the tips above, looking slightly to your right

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