Rants + Raves

Hey you! How was your weekend? Tell me all about it, and even share your own rants + raves, if you'd like. Here are mine:

  • I had a bottle of polish just split in half horizontally when I opened it. Glass and polish got all in/on my hands. I have the most random accidents, so it made me laugh in disbelief. And I was glad it wasn't red polish!
  • Most definitely the low of the week was this dang kidney infection. I called out of work and went to the doctor, which means it was serious. I had some of the most excruciating back pain I've ever experienced. I'm also over drinking nothing but water. I know, that's a horrible first-world problem thing to say, but I've been missing my sweet tea and occasional coffee. I'm so glad I'm getting better, but I'm also ready for things to get back to normal! 
  • I was disappointed at the lack of interest in my latest blog Beauty DIY. I thought it was creative and would have garnered more interest. Bloggers, does that ever happen to you--where you thought a post would be a hit and it was a dud with your readers? 
  • Thanks again to everyone for their support with the Pond's BB Cream ambassador contest. I appreciate all the voting! Love, love, love, y'all.
  • I pretty much stayed in this weekend to recoop. I did venture out for a friend's birthday dinner. Lots of laughs, good music, and good food made for a fun time.
  • I watched some bad movies, ate some delicous ice cream, and didn't feel badly about doing either. What are your guilty pleasure movies?
  • This week is a short work week for me, yay! It's also the beginning of my annual Back to School Week series. I still love looking at school/dorm supplies. Do you?
Share your rants + raves, too!

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