Rants and Raves

Hey you! How was your weekend? Mine was fun--saw out-of-state guests, went to Atlantic Station (outdoor shopping center in Atl), and made an Ikea trip. As usual, it flew by.

One blog complaint I get is that I don't share enough of my personal life on here. I'm a really private person and choose to share stuff on my Instagram. It's hard to marry a personal life into a beauty blog sometimes. But when I share personal posts on the blog (like The 52 Project), those are always my least-viewed posts. I thought I would try a weekly "Rants and Raves" (totally original, I know) post to see if that you guys would like that. So here we go (and feel free to share your own).


  • I know. I take blogging wayyy too seriously. But this week I encountered 4 posts on other blogs/publications that I could tell were direct rip-offs of mine. I just wanted credit, or even an "I got this off Pinterest." I think what bothered me most was seeing the comments of how "creative" and "genius" they were. This happens from time to time, and I have tried emailing in the past, but this week it really burnt my biscuits, so to speak.
  • So I'm in this contest and have been heavily promoting it on all my social media channels. I texted everyone in my address book to please vote for me. Only 2 responded and that hurt my feelings. I expected more support from family/friends. I'm blaming PMS for the rants this week. ;)


  • Thanks so much to the 15 or so of you that voted for me in the Pond's BB+ Ambassador contest! Y'all are awesome, sweet, and sparkly glitter all rolled into one. Thank you.
  • Thanks to everyone who has been supportive about there being sponsored posts on the blog, and visiting the brands mentioned. It is merely coincidence that they all were back-to-back like that. 
  • This week my goal is to work on being better organized. I've taken on a lot of stuff and am trying to do everything at once. I have a bad memory and I tried to work on it by simplying remembering whatever it is I have to do instead of writing it down. That has been a huge fail, as deadlines and things have come out of nowhere. So I've admitted that I'm not a oh-yeah-I'll-remember-what-you-said-I-had-to-do kind of person. I'm going back to my list-loving self. And that's perfectly fine.
  • I've been eating very healthy for the past month, but today I thoroughly enjoyed a cinnamon bun from Ikea. No regrets and now, no cravings.
  • I'm happy Charlie's spot on his lip has cleared up. I was worried for nothing. Whew.
  • Loving some new mascaras and my fave Olay Microdermabrasion kit. The latter has given me baby-soft skin.

  • So what are your rants/raves of the past week?
    I'd love to know, below.

    PS: I'm giving away 2 light and 2 medium Pond's BB+ creams--enter here--to thank you for voting for me. You can vote daily! Stop by. :)

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