Back to School Week: First Day of School Makeup--All Drugstore and No Brushes Needed!

Yesterday, I started off Back to School Week with cute School-Inspired Nails, created with Sharpie markers! Today, I'm sharing makeup for the first day of school. This is for those of us on a budget (me!). These products are all drugstore prices and no brushes are needed! Even if you aren't in school (me!) you might want to check out a few of these to possibly add to your morning routine. What I'm sharing is comparable to what most girls wear today for makeup, but these are only suggestions. Wear what works for you! Enjoy.

back to schoo week: first day of school makeup (drugstore and no brushes)

  1. Most teens don't need a lot of coverage. I suggest a BB Cream, like this one from Maybelline. I'm using this brand a lot on this post, but it's not sponsored in any way. They're just affordable and have some good products. It works on all skin types and can be applied with clean fingertips. If you have acne, I would suggest a foundation with more coverage, like Revlon ColorStay or Cover Girl Outlast.
  2. Next, add concealer if needed. If you want a highlight, go with one a shade or two lighter than your skin tone to help you look more awake. Or, if you need to conceal zits, use one that matches your skin tone. I like this Maybelline Fit Me concealer because of its staying power.
  3. You'll need a powder to help keep oil at bay. Try this ELF Mattifying Powder. It comes with a mirror and soft powder puff. I also suggest Rimmel Stay Matte, but you'd need a brush or puff to apply it.
  4. It's the first day, and you'll probably be tired since you're getting up early, especially after a summer of staying up late. You'll want something fast and easy for the eyes, as well as looking awake. I really like the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze. Just apply with clean fingertips to the lid. The shade looks good on most skin tones, and has just a slight shimmer to make eyes pop. You can even apply it a little darker to the outer edge of your eye for depth. Another favorite shade is Inked in Pink.
  5. Speaking of making eyes pop and looking more awake, something you might want to try is this Rimmel ScandalEyes nude Kohl liner. You can use it right below your brows or inner corners of your eyes as a highlight. I like it on the waterline to really make your eyes look brighter. Try white if you have darker skin.
  6. This is another optional product, but I really like this L'Oreal Voluminous Smoldering Eyeliner. You can apply to your top lid as liner and then gently smudge underneath your lower lashes with a QTip.
  7. It's time to finish the eyes, and while mascara is a totally personal thing, I've been loving the Maybelline Big Eyes mascara. It comes with a wand for bottom and top lashes. It makes my lashes look long and lush. If you have sparse lashes, the original CoverGirl Great Lash is a classic.
  8. For a little color, try a cream blush, like this one from NYX, on the apples of your cheeks. Dab on with clean fingers and blend in. You can also use the color on your lips, too.
  9. One of my favorite lip products is the Revlon Lip Balm Stain pencil. It starts off a little glossy and fades to a pretty stain. It's easy to use. No mirror needed for those quick touch ups!
So these are some my fave drugstore products for back to school makeup--what are yours?

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