Back to School Week: DIY Solid Perfume

We all like to smell nice, but lugging around a bottle of potentially leaky perfume and spritzing yourself (and everyone around you) isn't exactly ideal while at school. Instead, try making your own solid perfume. Today I'm making Cotton Candy perfume! It's tiny, portable, and is customized to just the scent(s) you like. As opposed to traditional solid perfumes, that are in tins, this is in a convenient tube form--no mess. I originally shared this a couple of years ago on the blog, and decided to update it! Enjoy.

N e e d:
  • Unscented lip balm
  • Essential oil(s) of choice
  • Microwave-safe bowl
  • Toothpick
  • Funnel
  • Optional: soap colorant
D o:
  • Twist out the lip balm all of the way, remove from the tube, and place in a microwave-safe bowl.
  • Twist the empty tube back to the bottom. I also removed the advertising packaging from the tube.

  • Microwave for about 1 minute. I usually do this is 30 second intervals.

  • You'll have to work quickly on this part. Add your essential oil(s) and mix with a toothpick. I made a cotton candy scent. I usually add around 6 drops. If you're using a soap colorant or powder, add that too. It just depends on how strong of a scent you'd like. I order mine online or at Whole Foods, but make sure they are oils that can be used in perfumes/body. NOTE: I have not had good results from using actual perfume instead of oils, since it seems to evaporate, but feel free to try.
  • The lip balm will start to harden instantly, but feel free to pop back in the microwave for a few seconds to melt again.

  • Carefully pour the liquid back into the tube. I used a funnel, but if your container has a spout, feel free to use that. 
  • Allow it to cool for at least 15 minutes before using.
  • Be sure to decorate your new perfume tube so you will remember the name of the scent!

T r y:

Sadly, most perfumes give me migraines, so I've relied on my making my own for years. I keep these in my purse/bag for an instant refresh. But sometimes I use them just for a sniff, like maybe to keep me calm, or to give me something pleasant in a smelly situation (sometimes not everyone around me knows about deodorant). I thought I'd share a few ideas with you to try.
  • Did you have a late night from studying? Just feeling tired in the morning? Orange Creamsicle will wake you right up.
    •  Energy: orange + vanilla
  • Have a big test today? Take a deep breath and calm down instantly.
    • Calm: lavender + sage
  • Feeling a cold coming on? A sniff of this will help with that stuffy nose.
    • Stuffy: peppermint or eucalyptus
  • Supposedly, guys are most attracted to the scent of cinnamon buns, but I have always loved this scent. 
    • Coy: cinnamon + vanilla
  • Maybe you need that extra something to give you confidence.
    • Confidence: raspberry+ musk+ vanilla
  • Is it Friday yet? Or are you stuck in a freezing classroom? Then think of a tropical oasis:
    • Escape: coconut + pineapple
  • If you like really sweet smells, try making a cotton candy perfume!
    • Girly: strawberry + vanilla

What's your all-time favorite scent?

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