5 Under $5--Eyes Edition

5 under $5: eyes

Hey you! I'm back with another edition of 5 Under $5! And this week, I'm focusing on products for the eyes. Enjoy!
  1. ELF Individual Lashes--False lashes can be a little intimidating, but individual lashes are easy to use and can provide fullness to sparse lashes without looking over the top. If you would like a tutorial or a video tutorial, please let me know. $1
  2. Revlon Lash Adhesive--I have reactions to latex, which is commonly found in lash glue, but this one from Revlon is latex-free. It comes in clear and dark, but I love the dark best. It has a brush applicator, making it easy to adhere to false or individual lashes. $3.99+
  3. ELF Brow Kit--This is one of the best kits I've found at a great price for filling in brows. It comes in 4 colors. It has a powder side to naturally fill them in and then a wax side to set brows. ELF also has a clear brow gel, but I usually only see that on their website. $3
  4. Equate Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover--This is the Wal-Mart version of the L'Oreal version, but for much cheaper. If you're someone who loves lots of liner and shadows, then give this a try. It says it's oil-free, but it still feels like there's a little oil, which is good since oil works best at breaking down eye makeup. $3.97
  5. Jordana Best Lash Extreme--If you want big lashes, give this a try. It is a thick formula that can clump, but I brush out the clumps with a spoolie. I've found this brand at Walgreens and some Kmarts. $2.99
What cheap products do you love?

Thanks so much for the support! xo

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