2 Mascaras Worth the Splurge

2 mascaras worth the splurge

Hey you! Happy Friday! What are your plans? I'm heading to my hometown for a certain nephew's birthday! Of course I'll be packing mascara. Yesterday, I shared 3 Mascaras Under $4, but I know not everyone is a drugstore fanatic like I am. I thought you might enjoy these high-end mascaras that I've been loving. They're seriously so good, and they just might be your next favorite mascara.

LORAC Special Effects--I received this in my Hautelook Summer Essentials Bag (I'll be reviewing that next week) and was instantly in love with it. It has a primer, which is white and thin in consistency. It helps to give length. But the star here is the actual mascara itself. The formula is thick, almost of a hot fudge consistency. Normally, a wet mascara would instantly have me assume it would be clumpy. Not this mascara! It gives length and definition to lashes. My lashes were separated and there were no clumps, no matter how many coats I tried. I've never had a mascara that worked this well on separation and definition. $23

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Too Faced Better Than Sex--I know I'm old, and this will make me sound like a prude, but that name. I mean, really? The name is certainly is an attention-grabber, but what about the mascara? First up, the packaging is cute and pink, and it's a little heavy, but not like it's a weight or anything. The wand itself is hourglass-shaped, which adds to the sexy factor, and was inspired by blonde bombshells. Better Than Sex mascara delivers long, curly lashes with lots of volume. I'm obsessed with it. $23

I know this is a shameless #carselfie but look at those lashes!

Would you try either of these?
What is your favorite mascara of all time?

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Have a great weekend! Be safe, behave, and be well. Love, Elle
Lorac Special Effects, Too Faced Better Than Sex Reviews

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