Video: Colors of the Rainbow Tag

Hey you! We finally made it to the weekend! Did it seem like a long week to you? What are your plans? I'm going to be catching up on your blogs and writing posts. My schedule has been crazy this week, so pardon the light posting. I've been so overwhelmed and tired. I'm really hoping to have it all back to normal soon.

And to kick off the weekend, I made another video for you! This is the Colors of the Rainbow Tag, where you list different beauty products for each color. I was tagged by Jackie! I encourage you ALL to play along, even if you aren't into beauty. You can sub clothes, accessories, shoes, whatever instead. Enjoy!

To encourage you to watch, I'll leave the products blank for now, but I'll update in a week. But speaking of products, I was sent these beautiful summer gel polishes from Sensationail. And I'm sharing them because I adore the colors! I thought they were fitting for the Colors of the Rainbow, right? And they're so pretty. I've been a fan of their gel polishes for over a year now, and I highly recommend them. I couldn't pick a fave, so I am wearing them all!

On my fingers:
  • Cabana Boy--a fun red
  • Beat the Heat--a yellow that is noticeable!
  • Teenie Bikini--my fave! A gorgeous pink.
  • Ride the Wave--a shimmery, ocean blue--my other fave.
  • Sun-Kissed--an orange-coral, perfect for summer

What products have you been loving lately?

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