How To: Straighten Hair Without a Flat Iron

Hey you! Have you entered my giveaway? It's gooood! How was your weekend? Mine flew by! I got a lot accomplished and even took a nap, haha. I enjoyed the small reprieve from the Atlanta heat that is expected to jump 10 degrees this week. When it's so hot out, I don't feel like using a lot of heat on my hair, so I try to limit the heat. Instead of blow drying and then straightening with a flat iron, I do this trick below to straighten hair without a flat iron. It's awesome! This kind of saves you a step, as you're combining two things into one! It's wonderful if you're on a budget and aren't ready to invest in a flat iron. And if you want to learn how to do a blow out, this is a much easier version of that! Think of it as practice before using the big round brush. Enjoy!

While hair is damp, apply straightening lotion/balm/cream.
I'm using BB Straight Blow Dry and it's the best I've ever tried.

Once hair is 70% to 80% dry, get ready to blow dry.
I'm using the Hana Dryer.
You'll need the nozzle for this.

Don't forget the heat protectant!
I like Tresemme. What's your favorite?

You'll need a straightening brush. This one is around $10 from Sally's Beauty.
I like it because I have thick hair, but here's another option.
You might wanna grab some hair clips, too, to keep everything separated.

I like to divide my hair in half, working in small 1-2 inch sections, 
but some like the traditional bottom to top sections.
You'll place the section of hair between the brush and clamp at the roots.

Place the hairdryer against the brush.
You'll be moving them together. 
The vents in it allow the heat to straighten the hair.
You'll start at the roots and move to the ends, just like a flat iron.
Right before I get to the ends, I'll move the hair dryer down, away from the ends.
They don't need as much heat. Repeat process.
 I usually will go over a section twice, since I have thick hair.
Smaller sections go faster.

Try this at a medium speed to get the hang of it.
It usually takes me 15-20 minutes (thick hair!)
For extra shine, I like adding a little Argan oil.
I'm using ArganEsque (pr sample, review coming soon).
I would also suggest adding a product for help with frizz, if that's an issue.

If you don't like super-sleek, like in the first photo,
flip your head over and fluff it out for a little volume, as pictured.
Try it!

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