Summer Week: Sprinkles Nails

Welcome to Summer Week! This week I'll be sharing makeup, hair, beauty DIY, and nail ideas--all summer-themed! I hope you like it! First up, Sprinkles Nails. Enjoy.

Ice cream (or froyo) with sprinkles--always makes me think of summer! Back in the day, before caviar nails existed, I used to do these nails with actual sprinkles! Yikes! So maybe that wasn't the best idea, but this version is much better. Check it out:

N e e d:
Base/top coat
Several polishes
Dotting tool
Paper plate

D o:
Paint a base coat and allow to dry.
Paint a white coat and let dry.
Using a paper plate (or something that won't absorb the polish) pour out a little of each polish you're going to use.
Using a dotting tool (a toothpick or bobby pin work too) to make "sprinkles" by dipping the tool into the polish and dotting on the nails.
Continue with each color, placing dots all over the nail as desired. Vary the size of the dots. The "sprinkles" dry super fast. It helps to clean the tip of the dotting tool after a few dots.
Seal with a top coat.
T r y:

  • Instead of white, try a brown (chocolate), pink (strawberry), or mint. Or all!
  • Instead of dots, try stripes, like traditional sprinkles, instead of the nonpareils.
  • If you mess up, just add white dots over the mistake(s).
  • To make this even easier, use fake nails (like these) for your design. I used them in this tutorial.

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