How To: Big, Messy Side Braid (3 Ways!)

In the summer, I find myself jumping from one activity to the next, like swimming at the pool and then off to dinner. And if I don't feel like washing and redoing my hair, I'll throw it in a side braid--the messier the better. But I love faking thick hair and making the braid appear big. Today I'm sharing 3 ways to get a Big, Messy Side Braid.

Method 1:
Use a teasing brush or comb and tease your hair. Add some volumizing hairspray too before braiding.

Method 2:
Use a curling wand (or a no-heat curling method) to give some volume to hair before braiding. The smaller the barrel size the better.

Method 3:
Spray dry hair with a beachy waves spray and scrunch hair or allow to air dry to give some texture and volume. You can also apply the spray to your waves from Method 2 for more texture.

Or all 3 at once!

To finish the braid:
Pull hair to one side and divide into three sections.

Slightly and gently twist each section and then braid.

Secure with an elastic and the pull at the braid. I rub my finger and thumb through it section to "fatten" the braid.
If your hair is layered, and you want a cleaner look, secure loose strands with bobby pins. I like spraying them with a little dry shampoo first.

Have a great week.

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