Elle's Quick Tips: How to Stop Products from Drying Out

I had yesterday off unexpectedly and spent the day making a video (I had a Guess The Video on Instagram) and trolling the aisles of Target and Whole Foods. I got some goodies I'll be using in some upcoming DIYs. While I tend to purchase drugstore beauty products, I do have the ones I splurge on. But have you ever had a product dry out on you? Way before its expiration/use by date? Even if it's a cheaper product, I can't stand wasting money. These are a couple of tips I use to stop products from drying out:

  • Store Upside Down--Wipes, gel/creme liners or shadows, felt-tip lip stains or eye liners, hair/wax pomades, and cream blushes, concealers or foundations all benefit from being stored upside down. The moisture goes to the top, so when you turn the product right side up, it's ready and not dry. Note: some products might have directions that state they must be flat. BONUS: If you have a glass container with dry contents, try zapping it in the microwave for a few seconds to revive it. Glass/contents could be hot, so use caution.
  • Poke a Hole--Rubbing alcohol, acetone, and polish remover are just some examples of products that have a foil seal on them. But removing the seal can cause them to dry out quicker. Instead, just poke a hole in the foil. It really works!
What's a Beauty Quick Tip you love?

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