My Best Nail Tip Ever! (Plus Video)

Hey you! It's Friday, and that means another video! This week I'm sharing my best nail tip ever--Impress Nails! Have you heard of them? I bet you've seen them before--look:

easiest nails ever!

I usually only wear natural nails, because I don't like the gluing, filing, and the look of artificial nails on me. But I gave these a go a while back and have been buying them ever since (not being compensated in any way, just a fan). If you have problems with nail art or even just painting your nails, you'll love these Impress Nails by Broadway Nails. I've purchased these many times for myself and friends! These press-on nails are around $5-7 and can be found at drugstores and box stores (Wal-mart, Target, etc). Be sure to get the short length--these look natural and there's no filing!

Reasons I Love 'Em:
  • Cheap--$5-$7
  • Natural-looking (I only like the short length but they have long sizes)
  • Easy  and fast to apply--just peel and stick--no glue!
  • Can last up to a week (but these are best for just a night out or a special occasion)
  • Makes painting nails or doing nail art EASY--just leave in the package or hold and paint. Wipe off if you don't like it! Professional nail artists do their demonstrations on artificial nails, and this is sort of similar to that! 
  • If you don't like the color you bought, just paint over it. I find that some of them are on sale because they're in an "ugly" color. Paint over them any color you want! 
  • Apply nail wraps/stickers to these!
  • 24 nails in 12 sizes
 And here's a video of me way too excited over these nails
(and not realizing everything is in the lovely shade of MINT):

What are your weekend plans? I'll be finishing laundry and getting caught up on reading blogs! Please leave your links below! Have a great weekend. Be safe, behave, and be well. Love, Elle

PS: A few weeks ago I was sent a goodie bag full of makeup and a Target giftcard from The Girlie Blog. Just because she wanted to! Thank you! You made my month! There's even a Deborah Lippmann polish in there, eek!!

Thanks Triston!

Also, in case you haven't noticed, I'm now part of the BlogHer network! 
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